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Pricing Guide

Our team at Ithaca Medical Aesthetics focuses on comprehensive, results-oriented, and highly customized anti-aging skincare and and sculpting treatments.

Given that our medical medspa services are tailored to meet your specific, personal concerns and

goals, pricing is based on your customized treatment plan.


For more details on pricing, please contact Ithaca Medical Aesthetics to schedule a

Complimentary Consultation with one of our expert medical providers.

During the consultation, your provider will be able to determine the best treatment plan to address your aesthetic goals and outline next steps for optimal results.

While our pricing is specific to your treatment plan, the following provides a basic guideline as to the starting costs for the services we offer. Prices subject to change.

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1 Botox


Neurotoxin Injectables

Botox® / Dysport® / Xeomin®

30 mins / session

Xeomin® $13 per unit 

Dysport® $13 per 3 units

Botox® $14 per unit

Typical treatment is between 35-64 units (Xeomin)


Improves the appearance of forehead lines, frown lines between the eyebrows, and crows feet. Botox®, Dysport® and Xeomin® are used medically to treat certain muscular conditions, and cosmetically to reduce wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles. Wrinkles are caused by repeated movements and muscle contractions, which means they can even develop in younger adults.

Patients considering Botox®  often ask: How many units of Botox® do I need?

It depends on the wrinkle location and desired results. If you are new to Botox, we believe starting out with a lower lower dose to see how you respond.

Results last 3 - 4 months.


The Microtox treatment itself differs from traditional Botox/Xeomin -Neurotoxin as it simply uses smaller injections of more dilute product so your face does not look “frozen”, but it leaves your skin with a more natural looking remedy.


One of the main benefits of using the Microtox technique over traditional Botox/Xeomin -Neurotoxin is the fact that results can appear faster. These skin tightening treatments will have your skin looking better within a few days. With traditional Botox treatments, it can be up to two week before seeing the differences in your skin. Waiting for results is a thing of the past.

Benefits of Microtox:

  • Decreases pore size by tightening the skin so pores appear smaller

  • Decrease excess oil production, resulting in fewer acne breakouts

  • Eliminates fine lines to achieve younger looking skin

Micro-tox Face $349.99  (not including eyes)

Micro-tox Decolletage or Neck $349.99

Micro-tox Chin   $99.99

Micro-tox Lips  $99.99

Individual Areas 
Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 22.41.54.png
2 Dermal Fillers


Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers  - Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

30 mins - 60 mins/ session

 $675 per 1 ml syringe 

Lip Enhancement (includes 1 syringe of premium dermal filler and  2 appointments) 


Radiesse - Calcium hydroxylapatite, or CaHA

30 mins - 60 mins/ session

$700 per 1 .5 ml syringe 

Sculptra  (2 Vials) 

2 Vials  -- $1500

Additional Vial is $750


Improves the appearance of smile lines (nasolabial folds), chin, cheeks and lips. A dermal filler is an injectable solution that fills the soft tissue under the skin to improve the appearance of aging, wrinkling and sagging skin. 

Results last 6 -18 months.

Patients considering dermal fillers often ask: How much does it cost? How much do I need?

However, it is important to consider a variety of factors in order to accurately estimate the cost of treatment. and the dosage needed. These include:



At Ithaca Medical Aesthetics we price facial fillers per syringe. Individuals who desire a greater degree of correction, often need a greater number of syringes.  



When it comes to answering the question – How much do facial fillers cost? – the location and size of the treatment area must be taken into account.

The part of face being injected also impacts the choice of product, which can subsequently result in a higher or lower cost of treatment


Different products have different benefits and clinical applications. Accordingly, any two fillers may not share the same cost per syringe

Dermal Filler dosing guide
(individual results may vary)

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 09_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 09_edited.jpg
3 Aquagold
4 exceed microneedling
5 Microneedling with PRP / HA


Exceed® Medical Microneedling

Collagen induction therapy with the Exceed® device absolutely tightens the skin, minimizes wrinkles and scars. Collagen induction therapy does exactly what it sounds like it does.

It encourages your skin to produce collagen.


Face - $275 EA.

Face - $660/3-PACK

Face & Neck $450 EA.

Face & Neck 3 pack $1180

Microneedling creates a controlled injury that triggers skin cells to repair and renew. This treatment helps reduce acne scarring, fine lines, & wrinkles. 3-6 sessions recommended to see optimal results. Minimum downtime of 24 hours. Consultation required.

Exceed®Microneedling is paired with hyaluronic acid, a powerful moisture binding ingredient, provides the benefit of adding plumpness and hydration into the skin. It also prevents visible signs of aging. 

PRP Growth Factor "add on"

$200 (Price per session)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), facilitated by the Exceed® medical microneedling device, uses your skin's natural properties and ability to repair damaged tissues. This allows your skin to look its very best. Using a small sample of your blood, the blood is spun, resulting in enriched plasma that can be applied where it is needed with the Exceed®. PRP reduces healing time and improves collagen production post proceedure.


3-6 sessions recommended to see optimal results. Minimum downtime of 24 hours. Consultation required.

Hair Regrowth with PRP

While genetics plays a significant role in whether a person will suffer thinning hair or balding areas, regenerative medicine brings new hope for hair restoration. PRP, or “platelet-rich plasma,” is a substance created from your blood. PRP has been used for over twenty years by doctors to speed wound healing and stimulate the hair follicles to promote thicker, healthier hair. 


How Many PRP Treatment Sessions Are Needed For The Desired Hair Regrowth?
The number of sessions can differ for each person. It depends on factors like the extent of hair loss and overall health. Multiple PRP therapy sessions are required to achieve the desired hair regrowth.


During the first year, patients undergo "Induction Therapy" which starts with 3 distinct sessions, each occurring at 4 week intervals. After which, patients go for a single effective session every 4 months.

In year two and beyond, patients who are in Maintenance Therapy, are recommended to go for single effective sessions every 4-6 months.


Scalp - Single Treatment : $425

Scalp - Year One Induction Therapy (5 Treatments) : $1700

Yearly Maintenance (3 Treatments) : $1020

Eyebrow- Single Treatment : $325

Eyebrow- Package of 5: $1300

Yearly Maintenance (3 Treatments) : $780


Dermaplaning, unlike chemical peels, is safe in most skin types and skin textures,and can provide similar anti-aging benefits, clearing of clogged pores, and increase in collagen production.


Following dermaplaning we apply nourishing and rejuvenating serums and skin care products to augment facial rejuvenation. 

Face - $75.00 (or Add On to any Chemical Peel $25) 


PDO Smooth threads

A simple treatment to stimulate collagen, improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of crepey skin..

Repeating a smooth thread treatment is recommended every 4 -6 weeks for a period of 3- 5 months to achieve optimal collagen and elastin production. Peak results are seen between 3 - 6 months. Results last 1 -2 years.



  • Service

  • Large grid/area (ie. cheeks, bilateral temples, or under eyes:  $300 for for a series of 3 treatments

  • Bi-lateral grids (ie. both cheeks or under eyes): $450 for for a series of 3 treatments

  • Very large areas ( neck or decolletage): $600 for for a series of 3 treatment

PDO threads deliver stunning results, and there is no invasive surgery involved. They restore the youthful facial appearance and reduce the signs of aging without surgeries, incisions or an extended downtime. PDO thread lift repositions the underlying tissues to soften your facial features, producing longer results than dermal fillers, but without complicated surgeries. 

How Many Threads Are Used In a PDO Lift?

Because every person’s concerns, goals, and anatomy are different, our knowledgeable team takes great care to customize each thread lift to meet the patient’s needs as an individual. During your initial evaluation for thread lifting, your provider will thoroughly discuss your concerns, assess your skin laxity, and determine how many PDO threads you may need to achieve your desired outcome. On average, patients require between 2-4 threads on each side of the face for a mid-face thread lift. An additional 2 – 4 threads may be needed for the lower face.

How much does it cost?

The cost for this treatment is generally between $600 – $1800. Most individuals need 1-2 treatments to start spaced 1 month apart followed by once year maintenance. You’ll receive a quote during your complimentary consultation.

According to reviews on RealSelf, the average cost of a thread lift is $2025


  • Direct skin tightening ​

The PDO thread lifts reposition the underlying tissues, giving your skin an immediate lift

to reduce fine lines.

  • Collagen formation

The PDO threads eventually get absorbed by the body and facilitate natural collagen stimulation, leading to long-term improvements in skin texture and elasticity.


Treatment Areas:

  • Mid Face :

    •  Nasolabial Folds-Lighten smile lines

  • Lower Face

    • Marrionette Lines - Lighten smile lines 

    • Jawline: Lift and tighten / Reduce jowls / Contour facial line


8 MINT® PDO Lifting
9 Chemical Peels

Glycolic GA-30 - Mild Aging / Hyperpigmentation $125;  Package of 3 Peels $319 


  • Mild hyperpigmentation

  • Mild keratosis

  • Mild aging

  • Mild sun damage

  • Skin tone enhancer

TripleBRIGHT™ Peel - Mild/Moderate aging / Hyperpigmentation 


$150; Package of 3 Peels $382

Each face peel is formulated to minimize the appearance of fine lines and dark spots while giving an immediate brightening effect for younger-looking skin.


  • Moderate hyperpigmentation

  • Reduces appearance of dark spots

  • Improves appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture and tone

  • Provides immediate skin brightening effect

Mandelic Acid (MA)  - Sensitive / Redness & Rosacea $125; Package of 3 Peels $319


  • Skins with Redness or Rosacea

  • Summertime Peel Treatment

  • Darker skin types

  • Hormonal, sun and age related pigmentations in at risk clients

Salicylic Acid (SA) - Acne / Oily $125; Package of 3 Peels $319


  • Active acne

  • Inflamed skin

  • Very oily skin

  • Texture

  • Back and chest can be treated

  • Pore refining

Pyruvic Acid (PA)  - Anti Aging $125; Package of 3 Peels $319


  • Excessive oiliness

  • Sun Damage on Neck, Décolleté, Cleavage Lines

  • Open Pores

  • Alternative to Salicylic Acid peel in aspirin-allergic patients

GYLTONE Brightening Eye & Lip Chemical Peel $90 (or add on  for $65) Package of 3 Peels: $230


  • Significantly increases skin firmness around eyes and lips

  • Improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and coarse crow’s feet

  • Decreases the appearance of dark spots

  • Decreases the appearance of dark circles

Hand Peel $125; Package of 3 Peels $319 (Save 15%)


  • Hyper pigmented lesions on the back of the hand

  • Chronological aging

  • Photo damage including poor tone and texture

  • Beginning actinic keratoses

Neck Peel - Neck and Décolletage $125; Package of 3 Peels $319 (Save 15%)


  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Aging

  • Sun Damage

  • Beginning actinic keratoses

Why Treating Connected Areas Makes Sense

By treating your hands, arms and chest the same as you do your face, you’ll keep a much more “together” look. ​Aging and sun damage show in more places than just your face. By treating your hands, arms and chest the same as you do your face, you’ll keep a much more “together” look.

​The best results are usually achieved through periodic treatment.  Our clinicians can help create a chemical peel schedule that will work with your lifestyle and budget.

Evolve 10

EVOLVE X Transform

EVOLVE Transform is a highly advanced device that has been developed for body contouring, skin tightening, and muscle building. It’s a completely non-invasive, hands-free procedure that can be completely personalized for a broad range of body types. 

Painlessly tighten skin, tone muscle, and reduce fat with Inmode’s Evolve Transform. 

Pkg. of 1  –  one treatment area (60 minutes).......................................................$250

Pkg. of 6  –  one treatment area ........................................................................... $1200

Pkg. of 12 –  up to 2 treatment areas.....................................................................$2200

Pkg. of 48 – up to 8 treatment areas; must be used within 12 months.............$7680

Treatment Breakdown 


  • One office visit per week 

  • Patient can treat any area, a 60 minute session per week (max 6 hours/month per treatment area). Only one area treatment "set up" per session. 

  • Consecutive weekly treatments to the same area will produce the best results  

  • Weight, measurements and photos will be done before the treatment starts and every 4-6 weeks to track progress. 


Morpheus8 (M8) Face is a minimally-invasive fractional skin treatment which delivers radio-frequency energy at a variety of subdermal depths through gold-coated microneedles located at the tip of the headpiece.
The radio-frequency heat also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, tightening the fibroseptal network. This results in firmer, more youthful-looking skin. Morpheus8 can be combined with PRP therapy for optimal results!
Morpheus(M8) Body is the latest radiofrequency microneedling technology FDA approved for deep tissue remodeling. This minimally -invasive treatment tightens skin, liquefies fat, and reduces the appearance of cellulite, all while improving the overall tone and texture of the skin. 


Resurfacing Full Face: 1 treatment / 3 treatments----$475/$1140 

Resurfacing Face & Neck: 1 treatment / 3 treatments----$675/$1620

Add M8 resurfacing to M8 : 1 treatment / 3 treatments ----$200/$540

Full Face: 1 treatment / 3 treatments----$750/$1800

Neck: 1 treatment / 3 treatments----$600/$1440

Face & Neck: 1 treatment / 3 treatments----$900/$2160

Face, Neck & Chest: 1 treatment / 3 treatments----$1050/$2520

Submental & Jawline: 1 treatment / 3 treatments---$500/$1200

Lower Face: 1 treatment / 3 treatments----$500/$1200

Periorbital, Eye lids & Forehead: 1 treatment / 3 treatments----$475/$1140

"Add On" Periorbital Area (eye area): 1 treatment / 3 treatments ---- $175/$425

Decolletage/upper chest: 1 treatment / 3 treatments----$475/$1140

Upper Arms or Knees: 1 treatment / 3 treatments-----$750/$1800 

Banana Rolls, Love Handles or Flanks: -----$750/$180

 Abdomen- strech marks/small area: 1 treatment / 3 treatments ----$750/$1800

Abdomen or Thighs (anterior or posterior): 1 treatment / 3 treatments----$1150/$2750

How many treatments will I need?

While a single treatment can provide stunning results, we usually recommends multiple sessions to achieve the best outcomes. This will vary by patient and will be determined based on your cosmetic goals. On average, we suggest 3 – 4 treatments spaced 4 – 5 weeks apart.


Rewards Programs We Honor

We honor reward programs at our facility, the ASPIRE Galderma Rewards and Merz Xperience+ Loyalty Program 

Both  the  ASPIRE and Merz members can benefit from exclusive rewards, discounts, and bonuses. This program is free to join and you can earn points when you receive Galderma or Merz aesthetic treatments at our facility.

If  you would like to know more about our Pricing or how we can

Refresh, Restore & Rejuvenate your appearance, please reach out to Ithaca Medical Aesthetics to schedule an appointment or a consultation today.

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