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Dermal Fillers

Instant results, quick treatment, and little to no downtime! 

womans face with the a list of the different conditions that can be treated

Which conditions can you treat?

Aging skin tends to lose volume because of a gradual loss of collagen, fat, and more. In addition, it no longer holds onto as much moisture as it did in youth, nor does it create as much elastin to keep it resilient and springy. This is why many patients notice sagging and folds of skin around the middle and lower part of the face, thinner cheeks, and less defined facial contours as they get older.

Why We Love Soft Tissue Fillers

Soft tissue fillers are administered with a short in-office procedure. Hyaluronic acid injectables (HA) are quick, easy, and virtually pain-free (most are even lidocaine-enhanced). Patients can get almost instant results with little to no downtime. HA is a naturally-occurring substance found within the body making it safe and effective for all skin types and tones. HA fillers are also very versatile in that they can be dissolved with a simple subsequent injection. This is a relief to patients who may be reluctant to try dermal fillers for the first time. so there is no worry.


You may notice results shortly after getting facial fillers, although mild swelling, bruising and redness are common side effects directly after your appointment, which can hide your final result. It can take up to two weeks for your final outcome to develop, so we recommend scheduling your appointment at least this far in advance of an important event.

Facial fillers generally last anywhere from 6 to 24 months, depending on the type and brand of filler used. Fillers are not permanent, so touch-up treatments will be required to maintain your results.

How much filler would I need?

Womans face with a graph of how much filler would be needed for each section
Womans face with a graph of how much filler would be needed for each section section 2
Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 12.28.31.png
Aging By The Decade

Did you know that you need 1 syringe of filler per decade to manage facial aging? For example:

  • 40 year old man or woman would need 4 syringes

  • 50 year old man or woman would need 5 syringes

  • 60 year old man or woman would need 6 syringes

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