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We take your aesthetic
journey seriously.

First and foremost- we are here for you.

Our Aesthetic team, led by Dr. Dana Negoi,

is expertly trained and share a common

goal to pamper you and to provide you

with superior service. We want you to

emerge from Ithaca Medical Aesthetics

feeling confident, refreshed and

with your best face forward! 

Whether you’re new to aesthetics,

or you’re a wrinkle relaxer aficionado

- we believe that you deserve a 5-star experience, and we aim to provide just

that during every visit and within each interaction.From the moment you enter

our beautiful space, it is important to us

that you feel seen, heard, and that you

have a safe place to be vulnerable.  

– Set a Routine, See Results – 

At Ithaca Medical Aesthetics, our focus is to deliver the highest quality skincare and educate our patients about how easy it is to look and feel better, in a compassionate environment with realistic, natural looking goals.


Harmonize your daily skin care regimen with the ability to maintain young healthy looking skin through modern interventions. Healthy, young looking skin is attainable with good skin care practices and the right balance of skin care products and skin therapies. As we age our skin’s needs evolve with time as well which must be taken into consideration to optimize results. The education of patients is of utmost importance for the best outcomes.

– Maintain that Youthful Glow – 

Dr. Dana Negoi and Ethna Hinrichsen, PA-C are known for their Layered Approach to aesthetic medicine, with specialization in pairing of non-invasive treatments to rejuvenate with the most natural outcomes. This Layering Approach ensures a natural look for our patients, we know that we like to look natural and most of our patients value this as much as we do. We apply cutting edge rejuvenating technologies, together with leading skincare products backed by science to deliver the results we are all looking for.



– Explore the Layering Effect – 

Rejuvenation is a balance between art and science. We like to refer to this approach as the “layering effect to rejuvenation”, which is: a combination of Botox, dermal fillers, collagen indiction fillers, RF microneedling, chemical peels and all of this can be done in a simple office setting with little to no downtime.


The philosophy is that it is not one component alone for rejuvenation, but a layer of several components which are necessary for complete rejuvenation. The layers of treatment are for static and dynamic wrinkles, volume loss, discoloration, and skin tightening. Throughout the rejuvenation process and treatment at Ithaca Medical Aesthetics, the top priority is patient care and your skin health.

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Founder  & Injection Specialist 

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Co-Founder  & Injection Specialist 



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