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Dr. Dana Gabriela Negoi, MD

 Founder & Injection Specialist 

Dr. Negoi is the physician, and medical director of the Ithaca Medical Aesthetics. She is dedicated to her practice of medicine and developing unique, long-lasting relationships with her patients. Dr. Negoi is passionate about involving her patients in their own care and educating them about their overall health and wellness. This relationship solidifies trust and helps clients to achieve their ideal results.


Dr. Negoi has been providing comprehensive healthcare in the field of Nephrology in Ithaca since 2019. In 2021, she expanded her practice to include aesthetic medicine and help women and men age gracefully and naturally.

Dr. Negoi completed Medical School in Romania and moved to the US in 1998, where she continued her training in Internal Medicine at Danbury Hospital - Yale School of Medicine, Danbury, CT and then Nephrology at the University of Missouri – Columbia. She graduated her Nephrology Fellowship in 2004 and started a 14 year academic career as Assistant and then Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of Missouri - Columbia followed by the University of Vermont, in Burlington, VT.  She became an expert in Home Dialysis and served in leadership roles at both institutions. 

In 2017, Dr. Negoi and her husband embarked on a 2 years adventure to Alaska, where she continued to practice nephrology outside of the academic environment. They spent these two fascinating years traveling and exploring  majestic destinations with some of the most jaw - dropping landscapes, impressive mountains, superb glaciers, incomparable wildlife encounters with whales, bears feasting on salmon, caribou, sea lions, bald eagles, moose, and much more. They packed as many memories as they could before returning to the Northeast to make their forever home for themselves and Belgian horses in Ithaca, NY.


Now at Ithaca Medical Aesthetics, with much focus on preventative care, facial balancing and contouring, Dr. Negoi uses multiple modalities including neuromodulators, dermal fillers, PDO threads, skin tightening, resurfacing and skin care to help women and men achieve their best re-vitalizing results.

A Letter From Dr. Dana Negoi

I have been practicing medicine for more than 20 years. When I started my journey as physician, I was young and wrinkleless … Well, time passed so fast that one day I looked in the mirror and I said to myself: “wait, where are these wrinkles coming from? “My patients stopped telling me I was looking too young to be a doctor …. Yes, I was getting old and my face started to show it. But in my mind, I was not getting any older, and there was a disconnect between what I saw in the mirror and how I felt inside … This was the time when I became interested in Botox …. then learned about dermal fillers, PDO threads, and other not so invasive procedures to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance.


The more I read about these procedures, the more I wanted to do them myself! I found fascinating physicians who shared my then new interest in aesthetic medicine and began my training in New York City.  I became so captivated with the depth of knowledge, meticulousness and artistic ability this new skill required, that I wanted to do more of it and share it with my friends and others who felt the same way I did.


As a long time physician, it is in my nature to try to help others and I started “Ithaca Medical Aesthetics”  with the intention to help other women and men to stay confident, and achieve or maintain their fresh, youthful and reinvigorated appearance.

Everyone deserves to have healthy, radiant skin. We are committed to educating and guiding you on your skincare journey, and to creating an experience that is truly personal and memorable.


Thank you for visiting, please call or email me with any questions.

Dr. Dana Negoi, MD

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