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Chin Augmentation

Enhance your Chin 

A simple treatment to balance and bring harmony to your facial features.

Young woman receiving an injection to her chin

A nice chin adds balance and definition to the face. Not everyone is born with the perfect chin and through the process of aging, the chin (along with all the bones and subcutaneous structures) can become “weaker” in its structure. 

Women always appreciate having a more youthful neck and jaw and using fillers is a great first step to create a more pronounced demarcation between the face and the neck.


Men, having a strong jawline and a “manly strong chin” creates a more balanced aesthetic facial contour. In both sexes, non surgical chin augmentation and jawline contouring is an important aspect of facial contouring.

What is chin retrusion?

When the chin recedes so far back toward the neck that it creates an imbalance of facial features. This is known as “weak chin,” which is only noticeable from the side.

There are two main choices for non-surgical chin contouring with injectables: Fillers and BOTOX® 


We will help you choose the best treatment or combination of techniques to address your unique concerns, but we also believe “knowledge is power!”  With that in mind, here is a very brief outline featuring key facts about each treatment for patients interested in knowing more about their options.


Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation involves injecting a filler Hylauronic acid fillers such as Restylane® into precise dermal planes of the chin to create a more aesthetic length, depth or prominence to the lower face. When looking at jawline filler before and after photos, patients are always surprised by the subtly. Restylane® Defyne is indicated for augmentation of the chin region to improve the chin profile in patients with mild to moderate chin retrusion over the age of 21



BOTOX®smooths chin dimpling and lifts drooping mouth corners by relaxing active facial muscles that accentuate marionette lines. In addition BOTOX®, Dysport® or Xeomin® may applied to the sides of the jaw for facial slimming by thinning bulky masseter muscles that contribute to a square jaw.



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