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Best Skin Tightening Treatments for Crepey  and Sagging Skin 

At Ithaca Medical Aesthetics. your provider will use the most innovative and advanced techniques to address your concerns. 

Lets keep them guessing!

As we age, gravity and time take their gradual toll on our skin. Supportive collagen and elastin proteins in the dermis gradually deplete, leaving us with saggy skin that lacks the firmness and vitality of our youth. Factors like sun damage, muscle loss and repeated facial expressions also intensify this aging process over time. The result is a situation that can leave many of us looking and feeling unhappy with the quality of our skin .



What causes loose and sagging skin on your face and neck?

Collagen and elastin depletion

As we age, production of collagen and elastin—two proteins that help our skin stay plump, firm and smooth—slows down, resulting in areas of lax, sagging skin on the face, neck and body. If you are bothered by skin laxity, non-surgical skin tightening can temporarily halt this process and restore a firmer, smoother, more youthful appearance with little to no downtime.Our skin loses supportive collagen proteins at a rate of around 1% per year after the age of 20. The skin’s natural elastin and hyaluronic acid stores also gradually degrade. All of these substances work together to keep our skin plump and firm.

Fat and muscle loss


We also lose fat in the skin’s epidermis, which leads to a loss of elasticity and volume. Cheeks and temples are vulnerable to this hollowing, which is worsened by a gradual loss of muscle tissues and bone. Our chins and necks also lose their definition, resulting in the formation of jowlswrinkles and drooping skin.

Hormone levels

Hormone levels can also wreak having on women in particular, as lower estrogen levels after the menopause make skin much more prone to thinning, sagging and wrinkling.

Lifestyle factors

UV exposure, pollutants, weight loss and lifestyle choices like drinking excess alcohol all speed up the process of declining elastin and collagen levels. Together, these factors create a perfect storm for sagging, tired and wrinkled skin to develop. Luckily, we can tighten and revitalize sagging skin without the need for invasive surgery or downtime.

Best Treatments for Sagging Skin

At your initial consultation, we’ll discuss the most effective and suitable sagging and crepey skin options for you, depending on your own unique needs. 

Some of our most popular treatments are outlined below:




.....and Judy, 61-year-old, looks 10 years younger! Hear what she had to say about her experience.

Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 12.43_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 12.43_edited.jpg

"That was absolute gold dust! I mean if they’ve noticed and mentioned it, then it clearly has made a huge difference, and that made me very happy.
“Andy and Jamie couldn’t work out what I’d been up to but when I’ve explained it to them, they were interested and Jamie’s wife even said to me that she’d had some micro-needling treatments, but not one as advanced as the one I’d had.

“I’d say it’s taken at least ten years off my appearance, as you can see for yourself. I am absolutely thrilled to bits with the result, my skin is fresher, clearer, and I feel much better about myself. 

"The lines on my face have softened significantly and what I love about it most is how many people are noticing and are saying, 'what have you done to your skin,' and then I tell them, that it’s a natural treatment and it’s all thanks to Dr Judy Todd. 

"I’ll definitely do it again, it has really helped me, and I would recommend it to anybody.”

The Morpheus8 results speak for themselves:


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