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Eyebrow Lift 

Results to expect from a

Brow lift:

  • Overall more youthful and refreshed look

  • Subtle lift, not a ‘surprised look.’

  • Non-invasive procedure.

  • Tiny pinch is all the discomfort to excpet.

  • Can be adjusted and refined over time as you age.

Young woman with curly hair about to receive an injection to her eyebrow
Close up of someones upper eyebrow and how Botox can help that area

Botox® in combination with a PDO Thread Lift...

Can be a particularly  great strategy to address low

eyebrows or eyebrow arch concerns.

Non-surgical solutions:


BOTOX®  OR XEOMIN® - brow lift with a neurotoxin involves injecting the neurotoxin directly between the brows to relax the muscles underneath. This lets the upper forehead muscles “pull” the eyebrows back up and into their original place, allowing the skin to smooth out.

The injections also help the eyes appear wider, helping rid that tired or sad look that often accompanies sagging brows.

Some patients also benefit from Botox injections at the ends of the eyebrows to relax those muscles as well. This can provide additional “lift” in the forehead area.

PDO THREAD LIFT - Very often, as part of the eyebrow lift, we may also may suggest the use of PDO threads in combination with Botox®. A PDO Thread Lift in combination with botox can be particularly a great strategy to achieve the desired results. PDO thread lift repositions the underlying tissues, producing longer results, but without complicated surgeries.

What to expect with Botox® treatment:


Prior to Botox® treatment, we evaluate your anatomy and movement with you relaxed and then making facial expressions, raising your brows, smiling, frowning, squeezing eyes shut, etc. We will determine the proper location and dose for the injections. 

During your exam, we will determine the specific placement of injections to achieve the best results for your facial features. Depending on your anatomy, this may include injections around the eyes, crow's feet, and possibly to the forehead or glabella.

Many patients, both young and old, have excessive upper eye tissue with a hooded lid. Even with expert placement of neuromodulator, this problem can inadequately be treated, or worsened with treatment. While not everyone is a surgical candidate or would be interested in this option, we always have your best interest at heart and will refer you to a specialist to consider surgical intervention if this should be a consideration.


Rarely, the injections can produce an over treatment or an uneven appearance. It is important to choose an injector carefully to limit the risks of this.

With Botox® correction, your brows should be lifted and open the eye area, resulting in a brighter, more youthful look

As with other Botox® injections, results come on gradually and usually are apparent in 3-4 days with maximum effect in 7-14 days. 


Botox®, Dysport®, and  Xeomin® last on average 3-4 months, so to maintain results, you will need to come in for touch-ups a few times a year.

What to expect with PDO Lift:

An entire PDO thread eyebrow procedure typically takes 60 minutes. Since recovery depends on the extent of the treatment, patients usually experience minimal bruising and swelling.


We strongly recommend that patients avoid physical activity for up to 48 hours after a PDO threading procedure to ensure the body heals properly. After 48 hours, patients may return to normal activities and skincare regimens. Make-up can be applied immediately after treatment.


Patients can expect to see noticeable improvement immediately with continued improvement for 12 weeks or more. Results may last 12 months.

*results may vary

If  you would like to know more about Eyebrow Lift and how it can create a youthful and refreshed look for you, reach out to Ithaca Medical Aesthetics 

to schedule an appointment or a complimentary consultation.

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