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Kybella® for Double Chin

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Do you have fullness under your chin?



Reduce Submental Fullness with Kybella.

​Some people call it neck fat. To get technical, some people call it submental fullness. Some people call it what it looks like: a double chin. No matter what people call it, they want it gone.


The same goes for bra fat, arm fat, thigh fat, and bulging stomach fat. Weight, genetics, or aging may be the culprit, but you don’t have to live with unwanted pockets of fat.


Ready to reduce that double chin? Ithaca-area women and men who want to discover what Kybella® can do can arrange an initial consultation Ithaca Medical Aesthetics

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  * Kybella®  for double-chin treatment, individual results may vary


What is Kybella®?

Kybella® is a prescription injectable approved by the FDA to reduce the look of a double chin. Experienced

physicians have discovered and developed other applications in the years since its introduction. It is now used around the United States to help women and men achieve slimmer, sleeker contours.

Kybella® achieves results because it uses the same chemical the body does to break down fats: deoxycholic acid. In the digestive system, this chemical works in the intestines to help digest dietary fats. It impacts the membranes of fat cells, leading to a process known as “adipocytolysis.” This is the body’s natural process that involves a cell releasing its contents, which are then “cleaned up” and removed.


Ideal patients are those who are at their ideal body weight (or close to it).

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​When expertly placed, Kybella® specifically targets the fat cells that make up a double chin or that bulge out from a bra. It breaks them down so they no longer exist as fat cells.

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What conditions can Kybella® treat? 

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Kybella® is ideal for addressing persistent pockets of fat, as opposed to large areas. A double chin is the most obvious example, though small bulges can be found all over the body. Other potential treatments include bra bulges, jowls, inner knee fat, the upper pubic area, small pockets of fat on the belly or under the arms, and more.

It is not, however, used for weight loss. Diet and exercise are not always effective at reducing a double chin, but they are vital for good health.

What is the Kybella® Experience?

Before beginning any treatment, however, you will receive a consultation that includes an examination of the double chin or other pockets of fat, as well as review your medical history. Equipped with this information, a will work with you to create a plan


The number of injections required depends on the area to be treated. To treat a double chin, may make up to 50 injections in the area. These are done with both skill and speed, combining precision with convenience.


Given the nature of the treatment, you will notice that the area is tender and quite swollen in the following days. That shows that the deoxycholic acid has gone to work. These effects fade shortly, however—usually within a week. It can take weeks to months for fat cells to be cleared from the area, resulting in the gradual reduction of a double chin.


In many cases, multiple treatment sessions are required. A double chin or other pocket of fat will shrink a certain percentage with each round of injections.


Are there side effects to watch out for with Kybella®?

Kybella® has an excellent track record because of it's safety profile and effectiveness. That said, there are certain potential side effects to watch for. You will get a list of possible effects, as well as instructions on caring for the area after a double chin treatment.


What complements a double chin treatment? 


Patients who slim down their double chin or get slimmer contours elsewhere can also consider other cosmetic treatments at Ithaca medical Aesthetics. Restylane® injections are ideal for enhancing facial contours by creating fuller lips and rounder apples of the cheeks. Discover what combination of treatments can give you the look you desire.

If  you would like to know more about about how to reduce that double chin or bra bulge, reach out to Ithaca Medical Aesthetics

schedule an appointment or a complimentary consultation. 

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